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A project manager review financial documents with a member of her team.
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Does a Project Manager Need To Be an Expert on the Project Matter?

Hiring a project manager (PM) can be a big investment. But, if an upcoming project will have a critical impact on your business (such as …

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Sharing our knowledge and expertise to empower your journey in technology.

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Female project manager talks with two colleagues to gain input.

6 Essential Things To Look For When Reviewing Project Management Candidate Resumes

Project managers you hire to lead programs will have a profound impact on the success of …

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A tech candidate reviews job descriptions on his laptop before calling a potential employer.

6 Elements of a Job Description Jobseekers Must Consider

Searching for a job requires diligence, perseverance, and skill. All these qualities come into play …

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A hiring manager circles a top candidate on board, discovered by writing a good job description.

How To Write a Job Description That Wins Top Talent in 7 Steps

Attracting top talent should be a priority for any company. The job description is one …

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A tech candidate hands in his portfolio during his job search.

What’s Going On in the Tech Job Market, and How Can Candidates Navigate It?

The tech job market has been vastly different in 2023 compared to 2022. Many jobseekers …

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candidate interviews for a tech job.

Tech Hiring is Evolving Rapidly. Learn How To Adapt.

The job market is constantly changing, and tech hiring seems to be evolving rapidly. In …

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Group of happy new employees during an onboarding session reflect 2023 IT hiring trends.

IT Hiring in 2023: Key Trends Employers Must Prepare For

It’s important for employers to periodically take stock of their IT hiring process and see …

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