Denver Business Journal Names The Doyle Group One of Its “Best Places to Work”
The Doyle Group Team's holiday photo shows the dynamic that made them one of the best places to work.

Every year, the Denver Business Journal (DBJ) publishes a list of the Best Places to Work in the Denver area. Members of nominated companies and organizations are asked to complete an online survey that assesses the realities of each workplace. It includes factors like compensation and benefits, culture, and trust in leadership. Then, responses from the survey are compiled, evaluated, and ranked by a third party based on their composite score.

In  2023, The Doyle Group was selected as a DBJ Best Places to Work honoree in the Small Employer category. Some key employee values the DBJ survey highlighted were accountability, impact, harmony, commitment, and collaboration.

What makes The Doyle Group one of the best places to work in Denver? Here are some key aspects of the working environment that illustrate why employees love being a part of our company:

What Makes TDG One of the Best Places to Work?

A Hybrid Work Schedule

At The Doyle Group, we are committed to ensuring that each employee maintains a healthy work-life harmony. One way we promote this is by providing a hybrid work environment that allows for more flexibility and less stress. Team members are able to work remotely four days per week, and we also come together as a team to collaborate and connect in-office one day per week. We’ve found that this approach allows employees to save time on the commute, save money on gas, and avoid burnout while maintaining a strong working relationship among the team.

Leadership Support

Senior leadership sets the tone of the work environment for any company. At The Doyle Group, our employees trust leadership to provide them with the tools and resources they need to perform their jobs well.

Commitment to the Community

The Doyle Group is heavily invested in charitable contributions and volunteer efforts. We view it as not only a privilege, but also a duty to give back to the local community. For that reason, we offer opportunities to volunteer both individually and as a team. We set aside a day of service for each employee to choose an organization they’d like to volunteer with, make charitable contributions throughout the year, and also make new hire donations to an organization of the employee’s choice. Commitment to our local community is why we’ve made charitable contributions of over a quarter of a million dollars since we were founded in 2009.

Professional Development

We want every employee working for The Doyle Group to succeed both personally and professionally, and reach their career goals. We offer many opportunities for professional growth, including ongoing mentorship from senior leadership. In fact, some members of The Doyle Group participate in Vistage, a coaching organization for small and medium businesses.

A Recognized, Respected Brand in the Community

Through much hard work and perseverance, our team at The Doyle Group has built a brand we are proud of — one that is recognized and respected within our community. One reason we enjoy such favorable brand recognition is the consultative approach we take towards our clients: we’re not focused on selling a deal, but are sincerely interested in solving problems and building relationships. Lisa, our Executive Talent Manager, puts it this way:

“I love my role at The Doyle Group. I get to collaborate and work with passionate people who are committed to… our great clients. We have a two-client approach making great matches for consultants and hiring managers. It is very rewarding.”

Appreciation of Clients and Candidates

Every team member at The Doyle Group values our clients and candidates. We strongly believe that if we continue to serve our customers to the best of our ability, we can hit our personal goals, increase revenue, and create internal opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our employees are empowered to build relationships with our clients and candidates, both professionally and personally. We want every person who uses our services to feel valued and to achieve the goals they’ve set.

Taylor, one of our Account Executives, expresses his view of our work:

“The best part about The Doyle Group and what I do, is having the chance to connect with all types of people in our local community while trying to make an impact on people’s lives. Whether that is sitting in front of a customer and helping them through an important career change, or partnering with a client to help solve a complex business issue, my job provides me a platform to truly make a difference. We have an incredible team here at DG and I know everyone comes to work with a similar mindset!”

Team-Oriented Culture

Many companies talk a lot about being a team; but at The Doyle Group, we truly are a team. We share the same goals and commitments, and each does their part to contribute to a warm, welcoming environment. Our clients are our focus, but our team is the foundation of our success.

Moreover, our team-oriented culture extends outside of working hours. We enjoy many team outings and celebrations throughout the year, including happy hours and activities like white water rafting and curling.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

At The Doyle Group, our employees have the opportunity to be compensated well for their work. For example, we don’t put any caps on commissions earned by our team members. Any team member that reaches a specified goal earns entry into our President’s Club, and gets to celebrate their achievement with a special trip paid for by the company. We also recognize our employees’ efforts on a monthly basis, and offer many other benefits to our hard-working team members.


We strongly believe in the value and power of transparency. Our team members and leaders make it a goal to be honest and upfront: both with one another and with candidates and clients. Our leadership practices transparency as well; for example, we hold an internal monthly meeting where we review business and financials with the team. We are convinced that transparency is the key to trust, and trust is the key to strong, sustainable relationships.

If you’d like to learn more about why The Doyle Group is one of Denver’s Best Places to Work in 2023, or want to take advantage of a service we offer, reach out to our team today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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