A Day in the Life of a DG Account Manager: How They Help You Reach Your Hiring Goals
Account Manager works at his laptop helping his client reach their IT hiring goals.

Securing top talent in today’s job market comes with its share of challenges, which is why so many employers highly value the work that The Doyle Group’s Account Managers do on their behalf. We count it an honor and privilege to help each one of our clients achieve their hiring goals, and enjoy sustainable success as a result.

Have you ever wondered what Account Managers do behind the scenes to make the hiring process as smooth and streamlined as possible? Here are some of the major tasks that our Sales team handles, and how they leverage their skill set to deliver exceptional service:

Effective Communication

Perhaps the most important skill that Account Managers bring to the table is clear, effective communication. From emails to phone calls to in-person meetings, they are constantly forging connections between candidates and hiring managers. They use effective time management techniques to give each client the attention they deserve and make sure to reach out with important updates in a timely manner. 

Good communication on the part of our Account Managers also includes regularly meeting with our clients, and always keeping them at the forefront of their minds. They want to keep a pulse on what’s happening at each client’s organization. Regularly reaching out to customers puts them in an ideal situation to problem-solve, and even anticipate challenges and opportunities that may arise in the future. Our Account Managers are constantly asking: “How can we support our clients to build their ideal team, and achieve their business goals?” 


Our Account Managers are skilled negotiators and can leverage their expertise to secure top candidates for your team. For instance, if there’s a particular candidate a client wants to hire, but there’s a gap between what the candidate is seeking and the benefits package offered for the role, our Account Managers can bridge the gap between the two parties. The end result will be a mutually agreeable job offer: a strong new hire for the open role, and an acceptable salary, benefits package, work schedule, etc., for the candidate.


Meeting new professionals in the tech scene — and keeping in touch with seasoned ones — is vital for growing The Doyle Group’s network of both candidates and leaders. While we already have an extensive network from which to draw, we are always looking for ways to expand it; and the bigger our network becomes, the more resources we have for our clients’ open roles.

In addition to networking among potential candidates, our Account Managers also leverage relationships with existing clients to share helpful insights with new ones. For instance, they can make connections between clients that have been through similar initiatives or projects, and bring professionals together to learn from one another.

Internal Collaboration

The culture at The Doyle Group is truly team-oriented, and that mindset is clearly evident in how our Account Managers collaborate internally. Whether it’s working within their own department or with the recruiting team, they always strive to gain a complete picture of how best to support our clients. They also reach out to other team members for a better understanding of the types of candidates currently on the market, and what they are looking for in a new role.

Continuous Learning

It’s vital that our Account Managers stay up to date on the latest news and technology trends in our industry. That often means attending in-person seminars, virtual panel discussions, and webinars to dig into the details of each new paradigm shift. Each one of our Account Managers has the goal to be as knowledgeable as possible on industry updates so that clients can feel confident coming to us as the expert. In fact, they are even willing to learn about new specialty areas like accounting and finance, based on the demand we see from clients.

Transparent Advice and Feedback

Our Account Managers at The Doyle Group are not “order takers.” We are invested in the success of each client that comes to us — and that means honestly and transparently advising our customers on the reality of the current job market, on how to most effectively manage the interview practice, and on how to best communicate their culture and values.

Of course, such transparency works both ways, and our team is constantly looking for feedback on how they can improve. We use NPS surveys, client satisfaction surveys, and other means to encourage honest evaluation of our work.

Candidate Evaluation

One of the crucial tasks assigned to our Account Managers — in partnership with the assigned recruiter — is the evaluation and vetting of candidates for open positions. They take this screening process seriously and make it their goal to whittle down the initial list of applicants to 2-3 of the most qualified candidates for the client’s role. Through their previous dialogue with the client, they are also able to clearly articulate why they believe those candidates would be a good fit.

Client and Candidate Care

The support our Account Managers provide to clients and candidates alike doesn’t stop after placement. They continue to check in with each party via post-placement surveys, emails, calls, and other means. They also work hard to build strong client and consultant relationships based on trust and genuine connection, whether that’s by means of coffee meetings, happy hours, or on-site visits. The bottom line is that our team at The Doyle Group wants clients to be happy with their new employees, and candidates to find satisfaction in their new jobs.

Clearly, our Account Managers have a full schedule, and much work to do. We truly appreciate their tireless efforts on behalf of The Doyle Group and the clients and consultants that use our services. If you’d like to learn more about how our Account Managers can help your company meet its business goals, please reach out today!

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