How Your Personality Determines The Right Job Fit

Paper cutouts of faces that are smiling and sad represent personality traits associated with the right job fit.

Are you calling in sick at work more often lately? Does getting ready for work every morning feel like a battle you’re losing? You’re not alone. Most of us have been through this at some point in life. But if you routinely feel physically, mentally, and/or emotionally exhausted from work, the problem may be deeper […]

Trends in Tech Hiring: Ride the “Waves of Change” to Your Dream Job

Next exit road sign leads to dream job, influenced by tech hiring trends.

Despite the ups and downs of the job market, tech hiring has plenty of opportunities for job seekers to find a rewarding, well-paying tech position exist right now. If you are looking for a tech role that matches your needs and preferences, it pays to keep your eyes on the latest trends shaping the field. Here […]

Stuck In The Wrong Job? It’s Time To Explore The Job Market

Man sits at desk frustrated with his current job, thinking about exploring the job market.

We often hear stories about people putting up with jobs they hate for fear that there isn’t a better option out there. Or they realize there might be something better, but don’t want to put themselves through the process of trying to find a new job. As a recruiter, I can tell you those stories […]

6 Networking Tips for Introverts

People at a networking event shows importance of tips for introverts.

Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Conversations In my career as a recruiter — which involves talking, and a lot of it — I have connected with and spoken to thousands of people. Yet, I consider myself an introvert. For many, this may sound like an odd combination. After all, introverts […]

What’s the “Right” Work Environment for You?

Woman unhappy in work environment.

Having worked in the IT Placement industry for close to three years, I’m constantly meeting people who describe their current jobs with words such as “boring,” “unfulfilling,” “too corporate,” “mundane,” etc… There are absolutely a wide variety of factors that can trigger or contribute to these feelings. But one of the most common reasons I’ve […]

The Secret to Finding Your Dream Job: 5 Reasons to Work with a Recruiter

Recruiter meets with tech candidate to discuss finding his dream job.

One of the most satisfying things in life is working in a job you love. But finding your dream job is easier said than done. Fortunately, a lot of companies in tech are desperate for talent. If you’ve got the skills, the aptitude, and the passion, finding your dream tech job isn’t as daunting as […]

3 Resume Tips That Will Win Interviews

Cropped view of person apply for a job on laptop using resume tips

Are you applying for jobs and not hearing back? If yes, there’s a good possibility that the problem lies in your resume. When you consider that 95 percent of resumes never get past the first hurdle — the recruiter’s screening process — it’s not hard to understand why. With hundreds of resumes hitting the recruiter’s […]

3 Signs it’s Time to Switch Jobs

Smiling businesswoman with box made the decision to switch jobs.

Is it time to switch jobs? For 32-year old Jason, the voices in his head were getting stronger. Workweeks were the worst. Getting out of bed to make that one-hour commute to his office felt like a real drag. His mind played the same thing on an endless loop — “do I really need this […]

5 Tips for Tech Candidates in Today’s Hot Job Market

Tech candidates line up for job interview.

For tech candidates seeking new job opportunities, there has not been this HOT of a market since the .com tech bubble over 20 years ago. With a whopping 245,500 new tech jobs projected to enter the market this year alone, tech candidates have quite a few options to choose from. While opportunities are plentiful, however, […]

The Art of Saying “Thank You” After Job Interviews

It’s that time of the year when we are reminded to practice gratitude. While yes, it’s the time to show our appreciation for everything in our lives, both big and small, I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss something that jobseekers often forget — sending a well-written ‘thank you’ note after a job interview. […]