Trends in Tech Hiring: Ride the “Waves of Change” to Your Dream Job
Next exit road sign leads to dream job, influenced by tech hiring trends.

Despite the ups and downs of the job market, tech hiring has plenty of opportunities for job seekers to find a rewarding, well-paying tech position exist right now. If you are looking for a tech role that matches your needs and preferences, it pays to keep your eyes on the latest trends shaping the field.

Here are three key “waves of change” that you can ride as you look for your dream position.

Trend #1: You’re Not the Only One Who Wants Flexible Work Options

A recent survey from the Harvard Business School found that a whopping 81 percent of employees want to either work remotely full-time, or work a hybrid schedule (some time in the office, some time at home). Only 18 percent prefer the idea of returning to full-time work at the office. Moreover, 71 percent are hesitant to return to an in-person work environment until everyone in the company is fully vaccinated. Tech hiring is feeling the impact of these statistics.

What does this mean for your job search? 

In the past, candidates for tech jobs who wanted to work remotely often had to fight against the prevailing ideology of “employees can only be effectively managed in an office setting.” Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to abandon that rigid type of thinking. In many cases, they were forced to make the jump to a 100 percent remote workforce. To their surprise, these employers found out that it worked!

The point is, there’s less resistance to the idea of full-time WFH positions than there used to be. That means you can find that 100 percent remote job you want.

Moreover, you will probably be able to get the job you want at the wage you want. Salaries for tech jobs are increasing across the U.S. — and across the globe for that matter. If you live in a region where local companies pay a below-average wage, you can easily apply for positions in a more affluent area, and obtain a salary based on competitive rates for that location. (Think someone in rural Mississippi applying for a remote job with a San Francisco-based corporation.)

One final advantage that many tech candidates now enjoy is more freedom in terms of where to relocate. With so many fully remote options on the table, it’s no longer a question of moving where the jobs are (or deciding whose job to follow, in the case of married couples). Now, you can stay in your current area, move closer to family, or relocate to a city that aligns with the quality of life you want.

Trend #2: A Major “Tech Hub” May Be in Your Backyard

There was a time when Silicon Valley (along with Boston and a few other cities) dominated the world of tech hiring. That’s not the case anymore. The emergence of the “work from home” movement, accelerated by COVID-19 lockdowns, has resulted in a shift away from the traditional hubs for tech jobs. Now, exciting new “tech scenes” are popping up all over the United States, across a wide range of states and cities. 

Denver is a great example of this trend. A recent CBRE study had Denver as #12 on its list of hotspots for tech talent. The city ranked #2 on the List of Great Cities for Tech Jobs from IT Pro. Of course, it’s not hard to see why the Mile High City has become such a magnet for tech talent. Many tech candidates (and people who work in other fields) love the social values, culture, location, amenities, and scenery that Denver offers. 

What does this mean for your job search?

The corporate ethos in Denver has traditionally lent itself to remote work, with its emphasis on finding and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. The outbreak of COVID-19 only added fuel to that fire. Now, Denver employers are more keenly aware than ever before of focusing on employee needs. For you as a job seeker, that could mean more free time with your family, a more flexible work schedule, or more vacation time.

In addition, since the tech hiring scene in Denver is still in its nascent stage, there is a talent gap that companies are trying to bridge. If you have a specific skill set and/or years of experience, then you may be able to have “the pick of the litter” in terms of open positions. Again, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding a job that matches your goals, preferences, and desired salary. If you have a clear idea of what’s important to you, you’ll be able to perform your job search in a purposeful way — and ultimately land that dream job of yours.

Trend #3: You Can Use “The Great Resignation” to Re-Evaluate

A record number of employees are walking away from their jobs (some 4 million in April 2021 alone). Many of them don’t like the prospect of reverting to a “traditional” nine to five schedule at the office. Others experience anxiety just thinking about the health risks and social pitfalls that may be associated with a return to an in-person work environment. As a result of this wave of resignations, companies have lots of open positions to fill, and relatively few qualified candidates to fill them.

What does this mean for your job search? 

You can take advantage of “The Great Resignation” by looking for a company that aligns with your core values and cultural sensibilities. Odds are, that company will have open positions that need to be filled. 

At the same time, be careful not to make rash decisions. Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Ensure that you have a clear purpose if you decide to leave your current work situation. Additionally, be careful not to unnecessarily burn any bridges behind you. If you’ve built strong relationships with members of your current company and leave in a thoughtful fashion, they may welcome you back with open arms in case something unexpected happens.

In Conclusion

In summary, the three trends discussed above highlight the unique opportunities open to tech candidates in today’s job market. Use current market trends, your geographical freedom, and your skillset to identify positions that line up with your needs and ambitions. You’re in the driver’s seat right now. It’s time to put the rubber to the road, and find your dream job.

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