8 Communication Tips for Technology Professionals

An IT professional conducts a presentation using effective communication tips.

Good communication is an invaluable asset for any technology professional. Whether you’re interviewing for a job, participating in an office meeting, or working with a client, strong communication skills often mean the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, let’s discuss eight communication tips that can help advance your career. Tip #1: Keep […]

6 Essential Things To Look For When Reviewing Project Management Candidate Resumes

Female project manager talks with two colleagues to gain input.

Project managers you hire to lead programs will have a profound impact on the success of your current and upcoming initiatives and, by extension, your company as a whole. For example, research indicates that 73% of organizations that use a formal project management approach, whether utilizing Agile, Waterfall or some other methodology — when driven by experienced […]

6 Elements of a Job Description Jobseekers Must Consider

A tech candidate reviews job descriptions on his laptop before calling a potential employer.

Searching for a job requires diligence, perseverance, and skill. All these qualities come into play when reviewing job descriptions. Whether a job description is your first introduction to a company or not, it’s important to consider the various elements of each posting seriously. After all, you want to pursue those roles that will be a […]

Top Job Interview Questions Employers Ask and How To Prepare for Them

A job candidate confidently answers the top job interview questions.

One of the most important steps in preparing for a job interview is anticipating which questions the interviewer may ask, and having appropriate responses at the ready. Granted, there’s no way you can anticipate every question that may come up. However, analyzing some of the most common job interview questions can help you put your best foot […]

Ready to Launch Your Job Search? Why Now is the Perfect Time.

A 3d rendering showing a man looking through binoculars representing his job search.

Are you fresh out of school, ready to take on your first job? Or maybe you are a seasoned professional who’s considering a mid-career transition, and want to explore the job market? In either case, you couldn’t pick a better time than right now to start your job search. This is what Andrew Doyle, the […]

Why “Less is More” Is an Effective Recruitment Strategy

A large group of job candidates wait for interviews, as part of a company's recruitment strategy

Managing your recruitment strategy can be a stressful, time-consuming job in itself. From drafting comprehensive job descriptions to conducting detailed interviews with candidates, there’s a lot of work that goes into finding that “perfect hire” for your company. Of course, many hiring managers subscribe to the notion that “more is better.” In other words, recruiters […]

Ready For Your Next Job Fair? 7 Tips to Help Jobseekers Prepare

Male jobseeker shakes hands with recruiter at a job fair.

Attending a job fair as a candidate can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. After all, most of us don’t like going up to complete strangers and talking about ourselves. When you add in the pressure of making a good impression on a prospective employer, it’s no wonder that some people get sweaty palms just […]

Time Kills All Deals: Slow Moving Communication Drives Away Top Talent

Smiling employer offers hand to candidate to welcome, using good communication.

It’s hard to pin down the exact amount of time that it takes to go from an interview to a job offer. However, it’s an essential element of the talent acquisition process. It has a lot of impact on whether your organization is able to attract the best talent on the market. In fact, in […]

Trends in Tech Hiring: Ride the “Waves of Change” to Your Dream Job

Next exit road sign leads to dream job, influenced by tech hiring trends.

Despite the ups and downs of the job market, tech hiring has plenty of opportunities for job seekers to find a rewarding, well-paying tech position exist right now. If you are looking for a tech role that matches your needs and preferences, it pays to keep your eyes on the latest trends shaping the field. Here […]

5 Tips for Tech Candidates in Today’s Hot Job Market

Tech candidates line up for job interview.

For tech candidates seeking new job opportunities, there has not been this HOT of a market since the .com tech bubble over 20 years ago. With a whopping 245,500 new tech jobs projected to enter the market this year alone, tech candidates have quite a few options to choose from. While opportunities are plentiful, however, […]