Does a Project Manager Need To Be an Expert on the Project Matter?

A project manager review financial documents with a member of her team.

Hiring a project manager (PM) can be a big investment. But, if an upcoming project will have a critical impact on your business (such as the implementation of a change in technology or workflow), it’s wise to hire a PM that will guide that transformational project. Once you decide to hire a project manager, the […]

Event Recap: Achieving Success in a Project Management Career

Project management concept of goals drawn on paper.

As the second part of The Doyle Group’s Project Management panel series, they hosted a discussion in their online community, The briDGe. Created and sponsored by The Doyle Group, this community aims to bring together top IT professionals to ignite connections among those on the same path, to create opportunities for success inside the community, […]

TDG Hosts Webinar on “Achieving Success in a Project Management Career”

PM reviews results on board as part of her project management duties.

As part of their ongoing efforts to offer education opportunities to technology professionals and leaders, The Doyle Group regularly gathers industry experts to engage in in-depth discussions on various technology and hiring topics. Recently, they conducted a panel on project and program management, titled “Achieving Success in a Project Management Career.” The panel was moderated […]

6 Essential Things To Look For When Reviewing Project Management Candidate Resumes

Female project manager talks with two colleagues to gain input.

Project managers you hire to lead programs will have a profound impact on the success of your current and upcoming initiatives and, by extension, your company as a whole. For example, research indicates that 73% of organizations that use a formal project management approach, whether utilizing Agile, Waterfall or some other methodology — when driven by experienced […]