Case Study:

Candidates with highly specialized skills using an IT placement consulting firm.

Case Study:

Candidates with highly specialized skills using an IT placement consulting firm.

The Overview

With multiple state-level contracts for monitoring home healthcare services to fulfill, Sandata needed seasoned functional project managers and quality managers fast! These candidates had to be PMP and Scrum Master Certified with experience in healthcare payer processes and claims processing.

Sandata’s internal HR team was not getting any takers from the numerous job postings they pushed out and didn’t have the time, resources or frame of reference to do the critical legwork needed to find qualified candidates who could start producing immediately.

The Stats

Location: Throughout the U.S.

Description: Multiple state-level contracts to fulfill on deadline requiring highly specialized IT professionals

Year Completed: 2018 to present

The Roles Filled by The Doyle Group:

  • Director of Program Management
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Manager
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The Challenge

Sandata’s project needed cross-functional IT professionals with highly specialized skills and training who could get up to speed quickly and begin producing results in weeks, not months.

Their internal HR department was not experienced enough or dialed into the networks with this type of tech talent and were struggling to find qualified people to meet looming deadlines.

The Solution

The Doyle Group (DG) team sat down with Sandata and dug deep into what they really needed and who their ideal next hires needed to be. Internal recruiting departments often do not understand the technical expertise required for specific IT positions. DG recruiters live and breathe technology, stay up on trends and new developments and are always actively placing highly sought-after candidates in specialized positions. They know who and where the top tech talent is and if they will be able to fill the roles Sandata needed for this project to stay ahead of their deadlines.

A Multi-Directional Approach

  • With a thorough understanding of who exactly they must have in terms of skill, experience and personality the search began. The roles that needed to be filled required highly specialized individuals, meaning fewer candidates to choose from. As project staffing consultants, DG already knew who was in Sandata’s IT department, what type of managerial style the candidates would be working under with a good understanding of the company culture.
  • Most highly specialized technology professionals don’t monitor tech job boards, they wait for the right opportunity to find them. If they are actively looking it is through their professional networks. A multi-directional approach was implemented to find the people needed who could work together under the tight deadlines with the specialized skills required:
    • reaching out to key members of our professional network
    • search campaigns on specialized job boards
    • social media-based professional skill searches

Doyle Group Delivers Exceptional Candidates.

Within three weeks, a list of qualified candidates was presented to the client. Here’s the results.
Doyle Group Other Sources
# of Resumes Submitted 17 76
# That Passed Initial Screening 12 (71%) 24 (32%)
# Made to Final Decision 9 (53%) 11 (14%)
# Offered Position 5 (29%) 4 (5%)
# Accepted Position 4 (24%) 2 (3%)
# With Sandata Today 3 (18%) 0 (0%)

The Doyle Group Difference

Building relationships within the IT talent community and staying connected to the candidates they place enables DG to find the best of the best quickly and screen out those who will not fit in with the existing technology team or company culture. Learning exactly what clients need beyond certain skills, like personality, work-style and expectations, enables the team at DG to find and present a short list of the most qualified candidates who will start impacting work immediately. This saves client’s time and money and ensures quality candidates who can begin producing immediately to meet deadlines with top quality work.
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