Case Study:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Retained Search for a New EVP of Technology

Case Study:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Retained Search for new EVP of Technology

The Background

The Doyle Group and MS Society have been working together for over a decade. DG has found candidates for many of the critical IT roles for the MS Society as they usher in a new future that relies heavily on technology. The Society has consulted with The Doyle Group to help fill technology roles that require highly sought-after specialized skills with candidates that embrace NMSS’s mission and will thrive within the organization’s culture.

The Stats

Location: Denver, CO

Description: Filled the head of technology role with an IT executive quickly, while maintaining the need to adhere to the mission of NMSS.

Year Completed: 2021

The Challenge

With a vacancy for an executive vice president of technology, the MS Society had several ongoing programs in progress like Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud initiatives that would be in limbo until a new EVP could be found. The timeline to qualify and identify candidates, narrow it down to a handful and fill the position, while still maintaining high standards for the role, was extremely short.


National MS Society felt The Doyle Group was the obvious choice to help identify and vet candidates due to the highly specialized skills needed and the unique blend of leadership experience to foster a strong partnership between the technology and the business team.


In addition to the leadership and technology blend of skills, the MS Society is also deeply committed to their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in hiring and needed a partner who could identify, source and attract a diverse pool of candidates with the technical skills and leadership experience necessary to fill the EVP role.

Defining a Client's Exact Needs Before Beginning a Search

Before the search for candidates began, The Doyle Group had multiple conversations with the Society’s COO, Tami Caesar, to help her prioritize the complex combination of skills and attributes she felt were needed for the EVP role. Through a series of “what if” conversations The Doyle Group helped identify what Tami and MS Society truly needed in their next executive hire

The top criteria:

  • Someone who thoroughly understands the technology
  • Someone who can connect to the business side
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Candidates that fulfill DEI initiatives


To begin the search for candidates, DG brought life to the job description to better attract the most qualified candidates. With a truly deep understanding of the Society’s mission, The Doyle Group coached the leadership team to ensure everyone was aligned when it came to identifying the right person to fill the role. DG implemented a structured interview process with a rigorous rating system that aligned with MS’s key attributes.

The Results

  • 275 candidates narrowed down to 50 viable candidates
  • 5 of 6 finalists met the Society’s DEI initiatives
  • All candidates had the necessary skills, expertise and leadership needed for the role
  • The Doyle Group participated in all interviews and provided tools to find the final candidate
  • Position filled in 90 days

The Doyle Group quickly presented a small pool of candidates that possessed all the specialized skills needed, met the Society’s DEI initiatives and would be able to assume a leadership position from day one. From those few candidates a new EVP was chosen and hired in about a third the time a new executive leadership position is typically filled at NMSS.

The "ING"
ListenING, UnderstandingING, DeliverING

The Doyle Group has been a trusted IT consultant and technology staffing provider for the MS Society for over a decade. DG understands the culture, knows the leadership team and understands and supports the Society’s mission.

The Doyle Group’s unique ability to uncover the skills, culture and leadership qualities needed in the next EVP positioned them to successfully fill the role with the right candidate. They took the time to thoroughly understand the role and its impact on ongoing projects and the future of the organization to deliver a small pool of candidates who met all the criteria and ultimately helped them find the exact right person for the EVP role within a short period of time.

"We needed to move quickly and bring in someone that could understand our culture and be the right connector between the technology team and business units."

Tami Caesar
Chief Operating Officer

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