Case Study:
Ball Corporation

Built an elite, stable tech team with hard to find skills for a large-scale global initiative and someone to lead it.

Case Study:
Ball Corporation

Built an elite, stable tech team with hard to find skills for a large-scale global initiative and someone to lead it.

The Overview

The Doyle Group was tasked to fill an executive leadership role & build an elite, stable tech team with hard to find skills for a large-scale global initiative.

When Dane Trotzig, head of global corporate technology with Ball Corp, needed a team for their Success Factors Project that required highly specialized individuals who are also business savvy, he turned to the Doyle Group.

The Stats

Location: Denver, CO

Description: Central SAP project team needed to integrate employee pay/ personal information globally

Year Completed: 2020

The Roles Filled by The Doyle Group:

  • Director of Global Corporate Technology
  • Program Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Integration Engineers
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The Challenge

Those in IT with rare skill sets, especially in newer technologies, are highly sought out and hard to find with traditional job placement methods. The Doyle Group was challenged with finding someone to fill an executive level IT position to manage the project and build a stable high performing team with specialized skills that could present to leadership in a professional manner. 

Ball Corp reoriented to a new IT model to operate at a global scale and their internal HR does not have time to comb through stacks of resumes just to end up rejecting most of them. They also lack the resources and knowledge to grasp the intricacies of finding highly sought out individuals with rare skill sets. Newer technologies are hard to source.

Projects of this size and scope often get delayed or fail entirely due to budget constraints and constant change orders. Ball Corp needed people who could leverage their expertise to mitigate risk by reducing the amount of change orders and turnover on the team for steady progress. 

The Solution

As an IT staffing consulting firm, The Doyle Group already had the background on Ball Corp they needed to find the right personality type ready to tackle such a large project. Before they begin a candidate search they gain a thorough understanding of the expectations that will be placed on the tech team, what kind of corporate culture they will be in and if it matches their professional goals.

Preparation for Success

A lot of preparation goes into understanding who are the right candidates before they reach out to their network of technology professionals. A project of this size usually carries a high risk of failure because keeping teams together long enough to see it through can be difficult. The Doyle Group’s network is vast, which allowed them to find the exact right candidates who were in a professional space to tackle a long-term, massive project and see it through to launch.

Doyle Group Delivers Exceptional Candidates

Ball Corp’s SAP project was successfully launched under the leadership of Stephanie Bergdolt, a candidate carefully chosen by the Doyle Group based on their knowledge of her skills and experience and the relationship they had established with her. DG also brought to the team two engineers, three project managers and a business analyst.

DG’s flexible engagement program offers options for clients and candidates to do one-time projects or find permanent placement within an organization as evidenced by the outcome of this project.

Bergdolt is now Ball Corp’s Director of Global HR Technology.

Two of the project managers and the business analyst have transitioned to other departments within Ball Corp.

The rest of the team assembled by The Doyle Group have stayed with the project through multiple contract extensions.

The Doyle Group Difference

Learning exactly what clients need beyond certain skills, like personality, work-style and expectations, enables the team at DG to find and present a short list of the most qualified candidates who will be able to start doing good work immediately. We save clients time and money by sending them exceptional candidates who can begin producing immediately to meet aggressive deadlines with top quality work.

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