Should I Use a Recruiting Firm To Find My Next Job?
A candidates meets with a recruiter to discuss her job goals.

If you’re currently in the market for a new job, it’s important that you make your efforts count. You may wonder, “Should I use a recruiting firm to help me identify and take advantage of career opportunities?” 

While it’s true that many jobseekers have found success applying for open positions on their own, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with a recruiting firm. Let’s discuss some key advantages that a recruiting firm can bring to the table, and three specific benefits that you could receive by going this route.

Key Advantages of Using a Recruiting Firm To Find Your Next Job

Advantage 1: You won’t have to apply to companies “blindly.”

If you don’t have a previous relationship with an employer that you’re considering, you could find yourself in a “black hole” when it comes to information. For instance, consider these questions. What type of culture is the company known for? Will they provide you with opportunities for career advancement? What are their values in terms of work/life balance, employee recognition, and so forth? At the end of the day, you may be applying to more jobs, but getting fewer productive leads.

In contrast, working with a recruiting firm can pull you out of that informational “black hole,” and help you clearly see which companies would be the best fit for your personality, goals, and circumstances before you apply to them. At The Doyle Group, we have an established relationship with each client’s hiring manager. As a result, we can provide our candidates with relevant insights into an employer before they begin pursuing the application process in earnest.

Advantage 2: You’ll gain access to a previously established network.

There’s an old saying that sums up the situation for many jobseekers: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In many cases, job applicants who go it alone are total outsiders to an employer’s talent network. Thus, they have to be screened and vetted more thoroughly than other candidates. Without a previous relationship in place, trust on the part of the prospective employer can be a real issue.

When you join forces with a recruiting firm, a lot of that doubt and uncertainty disappears. For instance, The Doyle Group only works with clients that are completely engaged in our process. That means we have direct access to each client’s hiring manager. That gives you a baseline level of trust on which to build. It’s no wonder that our close rate is 60 percent greater than best-in-class firms. As you can tell, partnering with us can give your job seeking efforts a significant boost. Ultimately, we greatly enhance your odds of success.

Advantage 3: You’ll have the support of a team committed to your long-term success.

When searching for a job, it can be tempting to jump at the first opportunity that presents itself. Unfortunately, in many cases that first job offer may not be the best fit in terms of your personality, your personal and professional goals, or even your financial needs. In the end, you could wind up stuck in a role that you don’t even like. 

Here again, there are major advantages that you can receive by working with a recruiting firm. For instance, at The Doyle Group we are committed to personalized care and support for each candidate. Even when multiple roles are available, our primary goal is to find the best possible opportunity for each individual. We want our candidates to find more than just a job. We want them to begin (or continue) a successful career. 

When you partner with us, you’ll boost your chances of making a respectable salary, enjoying meaningful work, and ultimately making a difference in the company and the community.

Advantage 4: You’ll be viewed as an individual, not just another number.

Some disreputable staffing agencies are only focused on filling roles as quickly as possible, without any regard for the needs or preferences of their candidates. However, reputable firms like The Doyle Group are committed to finding the right fit for both parties. When you work with the right recruiting firm, you can be confident that they’ll take your individual goals and circumstances into account before making a placement.

Advantage 5: You’ll receive ongoing support as you develop your career.

Finally, recruiting firms can continue to advise candidates as they grow in their careers. For instance, since The Doyle Group specializes in tech roles, we are in an excellent position to help tech candidates decide which career path would be best for them. We consider ourselves to be much more than a placement agency. Rather, we want to continue supporting our clients and candidates for years to come.

3 Important Benefits To Consider

In addition to the many advantages discussed above, consider these three benefits of working with a recruiting firm as you make your decision:

  1. Open, consistent communication. At times, dealing directly with a company may lead to long delays in communication. That can be both confusing and frustrating. As one example, you may want to know what the current status of your application is, but are still waiting to hear back from the company’s HR department. When you have a partner like The Doyle Group, however, you can count on receiving regular communication – including updates on your application and feedback!
  2. Advocacy. We advocate for each of our candidates. We pride ourselves on providing a robust support system throughout the hiring process, and even beyond!
  3. Valuable insights. Since our team specializes in tech roles, we have deep insight into current market conditions. For example, we understand what a competitive salary would be based on roles, skills, work experience, etc. We also have insight into which companies are offering fully remote and hybrid schedules for new hires. By using our services, you’ll gain access to such insights, which can inform your future decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you to find the best available job for you, reach out to us today to begin the conversation. You won’t regret doing so!

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