The Secret to Finding Your Dream Job: 5 Reasons to Work with a Recruiter
Recruiter meets with tech candidate to discuss finding his dream job.

One of the most satisfying things in life is working in a job you love. But finding your dream job is easier said than done. Fortunately, a lot of companies in tech are desperate for talent. If you’ve got the skills, the aptitude, and the passion, finding your dream tech job isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

In the world of high-tech, jobs change quickly. That means there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to explore. The bottom line is you don’t have to put up with a job that’s no longer working for you. But in order to keep your eyes on the best opportunities and to make smart moves, you need more than just a good resume. You need a good recruiter you can trust.

5 Benefits of Having a Solid Recruiter on Your Side

“I love my job. Why do I need to work with a recruiter?”— That’s a question I’ve heard a lot. You may be happy with your job and may not be looking for a change at this point. But what if the situation changes? What if there are better opportunities that might be a “step up” for you? You would do your career a disservice by not preparing for changes that you didn’t see coming.

This is why having a trusted relationship with a reliable recruiter in your industry makes sense even if you aren’t actively looking for a new job. In fact, waiting until you’re ready for your next job search to connect with a recruiter is a mistake. Why? Because, first, you’ll be in a hurry to land a new job. As a result, will not have the time to be picky when it comes to choosing the right recruiter. 

Second, when you don’t have a prior relationship with a recruiter, they won’t have a clear picture. Having a long-standing relationship gives them insight into your current job situation, what an ideal opportunity looks like for you, and your preferences. They’ll know where you stand on things like commute, contracts or full-time, and what your preferred salary looks like. In short, they will have all the intel for finding your dream job.

It’s imperative to invest time in establishing your contact with the right recruiter. Stay on their radar so they can match your talent with open opportunities that are in line with what you are looking for as a candidate. Here are five additional reasons why working with a recruiter should be your top strategy for finding your dream job.

Get Access to the Hidden Job Market

Many job openings at most companies go unlisted—that is, they’re not posted on job boards. A good recruiter is your key to access those opportunities because they work directly with employers. But why should you go after these “hidden” opportunities? Compared to standard job search resources like job boards, unlisted vacancies have a far lesser number of candidates competing against you. This increases your odds of success and can help you stand out more.

Leverage Networks You Don’t Have

Building great contacts and networking is an essential but often overlooked skill. Plus, it takes a considerable amount of time to build a network, especially one that pays off when you need it the most — when you’re unemployed or actively seeking a change. Partnering with a recruiter takes this headache out of the equation, at least to some extent. A good recruiter has a very strong network they can leverage in finding you a great position, within your industry and even help you make cross-industry moves.

Get Advised by ‘People in the Know’

Great recruiters can be a good source of sound career advice. They can offer valuable insights on salary negotiations, interviews, and resumes that will help you up your job search game.

Escape the Job Application “Black Hole”

If you’ve searched for a job before, you probably know how frustrating it is to apply for a job and never hear back. You can avoid your resume getting sucked into the recruiting black hole when you have a recruiter to make sure your resume is seen by the hiring manager. And if the recruiter has a great relationship with the employer, you are almost guaranteed to get an interview.

Pave the Way for Finding Your Dream Job in Future

Recruiters are consistently filling new positions. This is one of the biggest reasons why having a professional relationship with a recruiter can have long-term benefits for your future job searches. If they had success in placing you in a job where you’ve fetched great reviews from the employers, they may want to keep you in mind for other positions in the future.

But teaming up with just about any recruiter can do more harm than good. So…

Choose Your Recruiter Wisely

Relying on the wrong recruiters can make your job search more difficult. It may even land you in a position/company that isn’t the right fit for you. So how do you choose a recruiter you can trust? I suggest these tips:

  • Work with a local recruiter who has a deep understanding of your industry.
  • Pay attention to the questions you are being asked. A good recruiter will always spend time getting to know you. They’ll note your preferences, career aspirations, salary expectations, etc. so that they can place you with the right employer.
  • Take your turn in asking questions. How long has the recruiter been in business? What is the approach they take to recruiting? What is their relationship with the client?

If everything seems good and you get a positive vibe out of your first interaction, go ahead and build a relationship with that recruiter. Stay in touch with them, and let them be a great resource for you. Whether you are actively looking for a job now, or want to be kept in the loop about what’s out there, working with a recruiter is the best strategy for finding your dream job.

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